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Kids Martial Arts Classes

Our Fun, Safe Self-Defense Classes will help boost your Kid's Self-Esteem, getting them stronger and healthier than ever.

Adults Martial Arts Classes

Our Members are seeing amazing results within the First month of training. Come experience our Fun High Energy classes and see the results for yourself.

Private Training Classes

Let Sensei Ash help you get to the goals you've always dreamed of. From shedding a few pounds to intense training, his Knowledge and Experience will help you get to where you want to be.

Karate Birthday Party

Have your Child's Birthday Party here and experience one of the most fun and memorable birthday party your child will ever have


AMP Middleschool

Transported After School Program - Middle School

Hello, My name is Kimberly Anderson I own and operate Moorpark"s Transported After School Martial Arts Program and Martial Arts Summer Camp which is the only one of it"s kind here in the Area. Both myself and my husband Master Dan J. Anderson have been residents of Moorpark for over 20+ years. Being full time working parents both of us realized the importance and value of after school programs for raising our daughter. Like many other parents in the Moorpark area we found only one program available through the Moorpark Unified School District. We had some problems with aspects of this program such as: supervision, maturity of counselors and structure. When I joined the Martial Arts Industry with my husband we dedicated ourselves to creating an alternative resource of education for the children in our area. The unique code of conduct, character building and disciplined environment provided by the Martial Arts is far and away the best after school program available for children today. The biggest problem with a program like this was the ability to get the children to the facility as both parents work. Our program Transports the children right from school and delivers them safely to our gorgeous 5,000+ square foot Training Center (the largest of it"s kind), all you need to do is pick them up when your ready. We look forward to meeting with you and your children and are dedicated to the quest of being the best choice for alternative resource education in After School Programs in the Moorpark area.

6th - 7th and 8th Grade Levels - Structure is Key

Our primary program is based on ages K-1 through K-5, however many of our students and parents keep their children enrolled well into the middle school grade levels. Martial arts for young teens is a positive and empowering experience. Our program teaches them through hard work they can succeed, turning daily goals into long-term achievements. Their dedication and commitment combined with positive experience, help them build the confidence for leadership roles in classes and demonstrations. Our instructors also inspire and promote teamwork where students learn how to work together and support one another, creating a sense of responsibility and respect for others.

Heres how our Program Works

Our Transported After school Martial Arts Program is a constructive alternative to day care. Our service is specific and only services the Moorpark Unified School District. Our vans arrive early for pick up in the bus pick up area. After the children are all accounted for they return to our Training Center. Once all of our students have arrived they quickly store their backpacks and dress out into their martial arts uniforms. Students are than given 20 min. of free time for Snacks which can be purchased from our vending machines or packed by you the parent before school. After everyone has had a chance to relax it now becomes quiet time and the Study Work is pulled out. We do not offer tutoring as this is a martial arts program however many of our Instructors do help when they can. By 4:30pm it is time to participate in martial arts training, all students must take at least one class per day as we are not a day care service. After training students have 45 min. of free time to once again finish up homework, relax or game in our state of the art fully modern facility.

Roll into Summer Camp

American Hapkido MMA Training Center is Moorpark"s oldest since 1990 and Largest at over 5,000 sq. ft. Our Award Winning Transported After School Martial Arts Program is the only one of it"s kind here in Moorpark and has been the Leader for the past 8 years. Our Summer Camp Program is a natural fit as many of our (AMP) students roll over to our Summer Camp Program. After 8 years of Camps and 23 years of Martial Arts instruction here in Moorpark we have created an educational program that empowers your children. We nurture an inner awareness and focus. We increase attention spans, fitness, powers of observation and safety consciousness while teaching life skills that last a lifetime. Our prices our the BEST VALUE you will find in Moorpark so please compare us to anyone and remember that our Camp Includes a Complete Martial Arts Program as well.

Please Email us to request a PDF. Copy Field Trip Schedule for the 2015 Summer Camp: Hurrican Harbor, Lazer Tag Extreem, Horse Back Riding, Sky High, Regal Theater, Hiking, Golf n Stuff, Zuma Beach, Scooters at the Park, Pacific Park Pier, Rock Pool, Wax Museum, Ventura Aquatic Center, Both Police and Fire Stations, Taco Bell & In and Out Burger, Ca Science Center and of Course - Martial Arts Classes Every Day!

Summer Camp Brochure